“There is only one opportunity for a first impression.” We are perfectly aware that part of a good first impression with a new client is the transport.
In the technological sector it is expected that everything goes well and our good work is projected to the image of our client, for that reason, our responsibility goes far beyond the mere transportation of the equipment. So much so that we understand “transport” as all the tasks that have to do with the physical movement of the equipment, from loading to waste management, that is: packed, loaded, transported, unpacked, location at the point of connection, withdrawal of packaging, waste management … In such a way that our customers should not worry about issues related to the physical movement of the equipment.


Our services are offered in two methods that are perfectly adaptable to the needs of our clients:

  •  Combined Service: Deliveries in a timeframe agreed with the customer that allows a cheaper transport cost without losing quality of service.
  •  Express Service / Emergencies: This service allows the customer to decide the day and time of delivery / removal of their equipment, allowing perfect coordination with the technical service and those responsible for the installation / uninstallation centers.


With an extensive network of local offices we can offer storage and logistics services anywhere in the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands.
Our warehouses are perfectly adapted to the level of demand of our customers, being able to keep merchandise in transit, in long stays or as permanent stock.
We have picking areas where we can prepare orders and where engineers can perform maintenance actions on stored machines that can remain in storage for long periods.
Likewise, we provide packaging, and packaging and support for the internal tasks required by the equipment in storage.
Our facilities have security systems and mechanical elements for loading, unloading, palletizing, sorting and ordering the merchandise.



365/24 Our availability is absolute. Any day, anytime, anywhere. This is the BODE service.
The professionalism of our staff and the work method developed in the BODE service allows us to offer the client a service perfectly adapted to their needs and maintaining a high level of excellence.

And special services are the best example of this:

Our planning team works together with the client designing the best possible operation for the required movement, allocating the necessary human and mechanical resources to comply with the transfer in good time.

-Transfer of computer data centers
-Delivery at weekends or night hours
-Service to Fairs and Congresses
-Transfer of Laboratories
– Deliveries with special mechanical elements: crane, special elevators, tools for movements of large-volume equipment, stair climbing machines, stair climbing tanks, …
– Support personnel for installations / uninstallations

And any other need related to the manipulation of high-tech equipment.


The BODE service as a global service of transport and logistics of high technology equipment has a quality system that controls every step of the operation, treatment of the goods and means of work.
We have a dynamic quality system that regularly evaluates our activity and promotes corrective actions if necessary.
Likewise, we align ourselves with the technical and quality requirements of our clients in order to always offer an adequate service to the casuistry of each movement.
In this way we take our service to the highest levels of excellence.